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Mantic Terrain

Terrain Crate Abandoned Town Terrain Crate Abandoned Town
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Designed to depict the ruins of a once-bustling town, this set includes several of our great modular ruined buildings – which can be built to any configuration you choose – and a host of extra accessories to make the settlement more realistic. These include make-shift barricades, walls and fences, stockpiled supplies, a blacksmiths forge and much more! This set contains all you need to build great…
Terrain Crate Gang Warzone Terrain Crate Gang Warzone
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In the unregulated Outer Spheres of the GCPS, gang warfare is rife, representing a constant danger to colonists. These criminals can be found in brutal firefights with rivals over the crisscrossing gantries and walkways of the newly erected habitats.CONTENTS This set contains nearly 250 pieces of modular terrain including 144 Connectors, allowing you to construct a range of buildings that will pro…
Terrain Crate Military Checkpoint Terrain Crate Military Checkpoint
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This set contains over 60 pieces of modular terrain including 48 Connectors, allowing you to construct a small military outpost, watchtower, or checkpoint. There’s a comms relay and defence laser included, plus fortified walls and barricades to take cover behind. This set contains: 2x Urban Sprue 1 1x Landing Zone Sprue 4.1 1x Landing Zone Sprue 4.2 1x Fortifications Sprue 5.2 1x Defence Line Spru…
Terrain Crate Ruined City Terrain Crate Ruined City
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This set contains nearly 420 pieces of modular terrain including 240 Connectors, allowing you to construct a range of buildings that will provide plenty of cover for any wargame. This set contains: 7x Ruins Sprue 7.1 5x Ruins Sprue 7.2 4x Urban Sprue 1 4x Urban Sprue 2.1 4x Urban Sprue 2.2 1x Accessories Sprue 3 5x Connectors Supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Terrain Crate Ruined Village Terrain Crate Ruined Village
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These crumbling stone structures can be used to show the remnants of an ancient settlement or the burned-out site of a recent orc raid. The walls feature windows and doorways and can be assembled in a wide variety of different configurations, so you can create ruins to suit any gaming table! A set of Plastic Fantasy building ruins. Perfect scatter terrain for your wargaming tables. Miniatures are…


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