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Blood Of The Phoenix Blood Of The Phoenix
3 in stock
Inside, you’ll find 25 plastic Citadel miniatures that allow you to build, paint and battle with two forces of Aeldari – or field them as a single Ynnari army! These include: - Jain Zar armed with the Silent Death and the Blade of Destruction - 5 Howling Banshees - 1 Falcon - 1 Vyper - Drazhar armed with the Executioner's Demiklaives - 5 Incubi - 5 Scourges - 5 Hellions - 1 Venom There are also a…
Bolt Action Band Of Brothers Starter Box Bolt Action Band Of Brothers Starter Box
2 in stock
Introducing the shiny new Starter Set for the Bolt Action game, this time featuring German Grenadiers against a brand new plastic infantry set, the elite US Airborne: 'Band Of Brothers' Contents: 24 New Plastic US Airborne 12 Plastic German Grenadiers Plastic SdKfz 251/10 AusfD. 3.7cm PaK half track Plastic Ruined Farmhouse A5 Softback Bolt Action 2 Rules Book Quick Start Guide Quick Reference She…
SPQR The Game SPQR The Game
1 in stock
Are you ready to forge your empire? With a lightning-fast and easy to play system, SPQR allows you to build a complete warband capable of scouting out enemy armies, clashing across borders, and conducting raids on farms and villages. Units in SPQR are divided into two broad categories; heroes and minions. Units of 5 or more Minions form the bulk of your warband, faceless henchmen who have been swo…
Warhammer 40000: Apocalypse Warhammer 40000: Apocalypse
1 in stock
This set contains: - 120-page Apocalypse Field Manual (including full game rules) - 6 punchboard sheets of double-sided Apocalypse gameplay tokens - 300 Command Asset cards - 12 six-sided dice - 12 twelve-sided dice
Warlords of Erehwon Rule Book Warlords of Erehwon Rule Book
Out of stock
Click HERE to see our play through demo for this game system. Warlords of Erehwon is a fantasy based game designed for 28mm tabletop warfare. The gameplay is built around the D10 system developed for the science-fiction game Beyond the Gates of Antares and also using the praised order dice mechanic first used in the Bolt Action WW2 rules. How it plays The Warlords of Erehwon game rules allow us to…


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