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Battletome Sylvaneth 2019 Battletome Sylvaneth 2019
1 in stock
This battletome contains: - Lore and art that explores the history of the Sylvaneth, and how they battle today - A showcase of beautifully painted miniatures - Painting advice including examples of different bark colours, foliage, and weapons for the Oakenbrow, Gnarlroot, Heartwood, Ironbark, Winterleaf, Dreadwood, and Harvestboon glades – also includes skin variants, blade variants, details for p…
Broken Realms Drychas Spitegrove Broken Realms Drychas Spitegrove
2 in stock
This boxed set contains: 1x Drycha Hamadreth 10x Spite-Revenants (can be alternatively assembled as Tree-Revenants but will no longer form the warscroll battalion presented) The set is comprised of 202 plastic components, and is supplied with 1x 105mm Citadel Oval Base, and 10x 32mm Citadel Round Bases.
Start Collecting Sylvaneth Start Collecting Sylvaneth
1 in stock
A box set that contains: 1 x Branchwych 16 x Dryads 1 x Treelord Supplied unbuilt and unpainted
Sylvaneth Alarielle The Everqueen Sylvaneth Alarielle The Everqueen
1 in stock
This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components needed to assemble Alarielle the Everqueen, riding her gigantic wardroth beetle – a living battering ram covered in moss, fungi and decorated with soul amphorae and other trinkets. She wields the Spear of Kurnoth in one hand, and her other arm ends in the dreaded Talon of Dwindling. 79 components in total, with an appropriately huge Citadel 1…
Sylvaneth Druanti The Arch-Revenant Sylvaneth Druanti The Arch-Revenant
1 in stock
This kit is supplied in 18 plastic components and comes with a 40mm round base.
Sylvaneth Drycha Hamadreth Sylvaneth Drycha Hamadreth
1 in stock
Drycha is one of the deadliest heroes of the Sylvaneth. She is a host to either a colony of Flitterflies or a swarm of Squirmlings, and her scream brings death. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Glue and Paints.
Sylvaneth Endless Spells Sylvaneth Endless Spells
Out of stock
This set is supplied in 15 plastic components and comes with 1x 50mm round base and 1x 105mm oval base.
Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters
1 in stock
Makes three Kurnoth Hunters, large elite Sylvaneth warriors armed with either greatswords, scythes or greatbows. There is an option to upgrade one model to a Huntmaster. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Glue and Paints.
Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants
1 in stock
Makes 5 miniatures – either Tree-Revenants or Spite-Revenants. The Tree-Revenants are armed with enchanted blades and have options for a champion, musician and a banner bearer. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Glue and Paints.
Sylvaneth Treelord Sylvaneth Treelord
1 in stock
This plastic kit contains parts to make an Treeman Ancient, Treeman or Durthu. It comes with eight optional ethereal spites for customisation, a Citadel 105mm Oval Base and can be optionally assembled as a Treelord Ancient or Durthu*. Each of these variants has its own head and weapon option. This plastic kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly.
Sylvaneth Warsong Revenant Sylvaneth Warsong Revenant
1 in stock
This kit is comprised of 22 plastic components, with which you can assemble one Warsong Revenant, and is supplied with a Citadel 105mm Oval Base.


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