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Grey Knights

Grey Knights Codex Grey Knights Codex
1 in stock
8th Grey Knights Codex
Grey Knights Datacards Grey Knights Datacards
1 in stock
Grey Knights Grandmaster Voldus Grey Knights Grandmaster Voldus
1 in stock
Grand Master Voldus comes as 7 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.
Grey Knights Land Raider Grey Knights Land Raider
Out of stock
The Land Raider is a Heavy Support choice for Grey Knights. This tank is the perfect transport that can take all forms of punishment while bringing your troops unscathed to the thick of the fight. This box set contains one multi-part plastic Grey Knight Land Raider. This large 101-piece kit can be assembled with the twin-linked lascannon sponsons towards the front or the back of the vehicle, and h…
Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight
1 in stock
This multi-part plastic boxed set contains all the components to assemble a Dreadknight. The set comes with options for a Nemesis Daemon hammer, a Nemesis greatsword, a heavy incinerator,a heavy psycannon and a gatling psilencer. Thanks to the ball-and-socket arm joints no two Dreadknights should ever look the same. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using…
Grey Knights Paladin Squad Grey Knights Paladin Squad
1 in stock
This multi-part plastic set contains enough components to assemble a Grey Knight Terminator Squad or a Grey Knight Paladin Squad. There are enough parts to make five Grey Knights with Nemesis force swords and the option to build one of them as a Justicar. The kit also has unit upgrades like Nemesis falchions, Nemesis force halberds, a Nemesis Daemon hammer, Brotherhood Banner, Apothecary upgrades,…
Grey Knights Strike Squad Grey Knights Strike Squad
2 in stock
Contains 10 Models. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Glue and Paints.


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