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Plastic Soldier

15mm British Partaroopers 1944-45 15mm British Partaroopers 1944-45
1 in stock
15mm British Partaroopers 1944-45 The iconic British Red Devils! 144 figures including 3 x 2 inch mortar teams, 3 x PIAT teams and command. All you need for a full 3 platoon plus HQ company
15mm British Universal Carrier With Variants 15mm British Universal Carrier With Variants
Out of stock
15mm British Universal Carrier with variants £17.50 Each sprue includes options to build 2 inch mortar, 3 inch mortar, Vickers. 50 cal, AOP and 2 Wasp flamethrower options This kit contains NINE models!
15mm German Medium Trucks 15mm German Medium Trucks
Out of stock
15mm German medium trucks 5 x Opel Blitz trucks. Each sprue contains options to build an L3000 Mercedes cab option, a Maultier option, 2 cargo beds and a canvas tilt
15mm Late War German Fallschirmjaeger 15mm Late War German Fallschirmjaeger
1 in stock
15mm Late War German Fallschirmjaeger Company size box of 141 miniatures - 3 platoons and Company HQ including panzerfausts and panzerschrecks. Mostly one piece but a little assembly needed for the MG42 teams
Mid/Late War Russian Tank Battlion Mid/Late War Russian Tank Battlion
Out of stock
MID/LATE WAR RUSSIAN TANK BATTALION You can now fight the largest tank battle in WW2, Kursk with this Mid/Late war Russian tank battalion box set. Whether you are trying to stall the German forces during the summer of 1943 or pushing them back to the gates of Berlin, this box set will give you the chance to recreate some of the greatest tank battle during WW2. Included you will get a massive 21x T…
Russian Infantry Heavy Weapons Russian Infantry Heavy Weapons
2 in stock
26 hard plastic 28mm miniatures and 8 models depicting WW2 Russian infantry heavy weapons as follows: 2 maxim teams firing 2 maxim teams moving 2 x 50mm mortar teams 2 x 82mm mortar teams 2 firing PTRS anti tank rifles 2 moving PTRS anti tank rifles Supplied unbuilt and unassembled
Russian Infantry In Summer Uniform Russian Infantry In Summer Uniform
2 in stock
57 hard plastic 28mm scale miniatures depicting WW2 Russian infantry in summer uniform as follows: 6 junior officers/NCOs 45 riflemen/SMGs 6 light machine guns with loaders Supplied unassembled and unpainted


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