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Beasts of Chaos

Battletome Beasts Of Chaos Battletome Beasts Of Chaos
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This book offers all the knowledge and rules you need to command your own beastherd in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Discover the twisted history of the Beasts of Chaos from the Age of Myth through to the Era of the Beast, where their savagery is once again spreading through the Mortal Realms, leaving only a wilderness of brutal survival in their wake. This 104-page hardback book contains: – E…
Beasts Of Chaos Beastlord Beasts Of Chaos Beastlord
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This multipart plastic kit builds a Beastlord, a fearsome chieftain of the gor-kin. Armed with a pair of man-ripper axes – just as good for ripping through orruks, aelves, and any other heroes unlucky enough to get in his way – this savage war-leader is decorated with grisly trophies claimed from his rivals. Furred, horned, and musclebound, he's posed in a bellowing call to battle, extolling the p…
Beasts of Chaos Gors - Last Chance To Buy Beasts of Chaos Gors - Last Chance To Buy
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This box set contains 10 multi-part plastic Gors. This 74-piece set includes 10 different bodies, 12 variations of shield and a selection of hand weapons and heads. Also included are all of the components needed to assemble a brayhorn, a banner bearer and a foe-render. Models supplied with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases.
Vanguard Beasts Of Chaos Vanguard Beasts Of Chaos
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This set includes the following multipart plastic models: – 1x Great Bray-Shaman – 3x Dragon Ogors – 10x Gors – 10x Bestigors – 10x Ungors, which can also be built as Ungor Raiders All models are supplied with their appropriate bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.


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