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GW Specialist Starter Sets

Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Edition - DIRECT Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Edition - DIRECT
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Very Limited Stock - When it's gone it's gone and will remain that way until GW re-print again.
Adeptus Titanicus Starter Set Adeptus Titanicus Starter Set
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In this boxed set you will find: – 1x 96-page softcover Adeptus Titanicus rulebook. This contains the full rules for the game, and will teach you the basics as well as introducing you to advanced rules and tactics, and three different ways to play. – 2x Reaver Battle Titan. These plastic models each come in 122 components, with 105mm oval bases. – 2x Warhound Scout Titan. These plastic models each…
Aeronautica Imperialis Wings of Vengeance Aeronautica Imperialis Wings of Vengeance
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The set includes the following Citadel multipart plastic miniatures, each supplied with an Aeronautica Imperialis base: - 2x Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fighters (can be assembled as Thunderbolt Fighters or Thunderbolt Fury Fighters) - 2x Imperial Navy Marauder Bombers - 3x Ork Air Waaagh! Dakkajets - 2x Ork Air Waaagh! Fighta Bommers The set also includes a 36-page rulebook featuring the following…
Beastgrave Starter Set Beastgrave Starter Set
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The set contains: - The complete and updated rules for Warhammer Underworlds, updated from Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault to be clearer, sharper and tighter than ever before, featuring thrilling new game mechanics like movable lethal hexes, as well as containing lore and art that explores Beastgrave itself. - The complete Grashrak’s Ravagers warband – a pack of deadly beastmen looking to slay a…
Blood Bowl The Game Blood Bowl The Game
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The Blood Bowl box comes with everything you need to start playing Blood Bowl. All miniatures are made out of coloured plastic and can just be snapped together to start playing straight away. The box contains two teams - 12 humans players (2x Blitzers, 2x Throwers, 2x Catchers and 6x Linemen, plus balls an counters), 12 Orc players (2x Black Orc Blockers, 2x Blitzers, 2x Throwers, 6 Linemen, plus…
Kill Team Starter Set 2019 Kill Team Starter Set 2019
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Included: Core Manual Kill Team contains a 208-page softback core manual which contains not only the rules you need in order to play with the included miniatures, but rules for choosing and constructing a kill team from 16 factions in the Warhammer 40,000 range (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Heretic Astartes, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Asuryani,…
Lord of the Rings Battle of Pelennor Fields Lord of the Rings Battle of Pelennor Fields
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Théoden, King of Rohan on Foot and Horseback: this character is supplied as 2 models, 1 on foot and 1 mounted and charging. Both models feature options for a helmeted or unhelmeted head, and both are clad in heavy armour, and armed with his sword, Herugrim. On foot, Théoden holds a shield; mounted, that shield is stowed; 12 Warriors of Rohan: foot-soldiers who make up the rank and file of the armi…
Necromunda Dark Uprising Necromunda Dark Uprising
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Contents: 26 plastic miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base: – 15 Corpse Grinder Cultists – Khorne-worshiping cannibals – 5 Palanite Enforcers – the law on Necromunda – 6 Palanite Subjugators – heavily armed officers bringing swift justice – A vast array of modular scenery – Double-sided play surface – All of the dice, tokens, cards and templates needed to play – An Enforcer Patr…
Necromunda Underhive Necromunda Underhive
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Deep below the nightmarish, polluted hive cities of Necromunda, in the twisted, dark tunnels of the Underhives, rival gangs fight to the bitter end for personal power, survival and the honour of their Houses. Designed for 2 players, this is a game of tactics, skill and absolute ruthlessness, set on the iconic hive world of Necromunda. Players choose 1 of the 2 included gangs in the box, and fight…
Warcry Starter Set - DIRECT Warcry Starter Set - DIRECT
Out of stock
- 8 Iron Golems – an indomitable warband hailing from the Realm of Metal - 9 Untamed Beasts – a savage warband hailing from the Realm of Beasts - 6 Furies and 6 Raptoryx – vile Chaos beasts who can invade your games or be added to your warbands as Thralls - 20 fighter cards and 4 ability cards with rules for all the above - A vast array of modular terrain to represent the ruined battlescapes of th…
Warhammer 40000: Apocalypse Warhammer 40000: Apocalypse
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This set contains: - 120-page Apocalypse Field Manual (including full game rules) - 6 punchboard sheets of double-sided Apocalypse gameplay tokens - 300 Command Asset cards - 12 six-sided dice - 12 twelve-sided dice


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